Research Ramblings – brick by brick and brick walls

28 Feb

Been busy with field research continuing at MaeMae Cemetery in Puunui. Nearly finished with photographing all the headstones and still have to transcribe to my spreadsheet. Then to compare to the items found in digital archives of other known burials to the site. Still need to map the stones and reach out to Kaumakapili Church to see what records and information they might have as well as sharing my research with them.

I’m also spending much time in Facebook Groups – like Helu Papa Kūʻauhau and also the Native Hawaiian Genealogy Society (NHGSoc) page. Another useful resource has been the group Portuguese Hawaiian Genealogy. The camaraderie of the groups is infectious and there are many ‘ohana connections.

Spent some time learning more of my North Carolina roots – and learned that some of my ancestors and family were brick makers and instrumental in building and supplying the brick for buildings like the Mills River Chapel Methodist church. The Chapel is one of a few antebellum churches in Henderson County and the only one used for worship since its construction. The King family farm passed this craft down through generations. Building more family history – brick by brick.

Looking forward to the Akana ‘Ohana reunion coming up in mid-July and will be returning to Hilo where my Great-Great-Grandparents Wong Sing Akana and Kaili Kaapuiki made their home. My Great-Grandmother Ami Akana Lee was the eldest child. It will be exciting to meet many distant cousins in person for the first time after months of corresponding online.

Finally a brick wall has been busted — and I’ll post a more detailed article about this find. In September, I discovered that Virginia K. Ayres – my husband’s great-grandmother – had a blood connection to the name KAMA. It turns out her birth father was known as Kama. Well I ran the search again on Chronicling America and a new article came up this time “Missing Girl has been found” … with his first name and the brother’s first name. Very exciting and now some concrete material to continue the search to find her blood kin and perhaps more of her story.

3 Responses to “Research Ramblings – brick by brick and brick walls”

  1. Miles Wilcox May 30, 2021 at 1:49 am #

    Would love to chat if you’re still maintaining this blog— I’m a great great grandson of Virginia Kahawanu Ayers, from her daughter Grace. I’m trying to find out more about my native Hawaiian roots, including the Kama family connection. I will be on Oahu for about a month and want to try to do some ‘on the ground’ research, if you have any suggestions or leads!

  2. flow828 April 18, 2022 at 12:48 am #

    According to the article, the 11 year old girl’s name is Virginia Kahaanu “Ayres”. She was adopted by Mr & Mrs W.H.M. Ayres. The child told Mrs Ayres that Simeon Kama (son of Louis Kama), “found her and brought her back and that she had slept by the roadside in the bushes for two nights.” …who ever wrote the article, comes across as very accusatory toward Simeon, perhaps because it is mentioned that he was recently arrested for stealing a Pearl pin from the girl. It would be interesting to find any related/relevant articles that would have preceded this.

  3. flow828 April 18, 2022 at 1:37 am #

    The article is from Monday, October 9, 1911 – here is the exact words copy/pasted from the article “Missing Girl Has Been Found”:

    “Virginia Ayres was restored to her home this morning by Simeon Kama, son of Louis Kama, who was recently arrested on a charge of stealing a pearl pin from the girl. Mrs. Ayres went down town and when she returned the little girl was back in the house. She said that Simeon had found her and brought her back, and that she slept by the roadside in the bushes for two nights.

    It is evident that the child has been instructed to tell this story by her abductors and everything points to the conclusion that she was to have been taken away from town in a day or so, but that the article in this morning’s paper frigntened the individual who took her away and deterred him from his purpose.
    He evidently kept the girl in hiding till he saw Mrs. Ayres leave the house and then returned her.

    Virginia Kahaanu, the eleven-year old adopted daughter of Mr. and Mrs W. H. M. Ayres mysteriously disappeared from her home near Sixth avenue, Kaimuki, on Saturday afternoon, and had not been seen or heard of until this forenoon, as above stated.”

    1. Is it just me or did you notice “It is evident that…” the writer failed to detail any evidence that is implied accusatorially in this article of any wrongdoings by Simeon Kama?
    2. The article only states that Simeon is a SON of Louis Kama. There is no age reference of neither Simeon nor his father.
    3. There is no familial connection stated or implied of between Virginia and Simeon as well as there is no evidence presented claiming they cannot possibly be blood related either.
    4. The article does imply they previously knew of each other. Question—Why did he steal a Pearl pin from her?
    5. Question: How old was Virginia when she was adopted by the Ayres? How exactly did the process of her adoption come about? What were the circumstances surrounding her adoption?
    6. I am curious as to why am I here in the middle of the night/wee hours of the early morning so intrigued by this one article you referenced from 1911 about these individuals who neither of us are seemingly direct descendants of …😳🤓🤪🥱🧐

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