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The Whitfield’s

16 Nov

My great-grandparents Paul & Elizabeth Whitfield resided in Raleigh, North Carolina. Great-grandpa Paul is my brickwall ancestor – with a mystery surrounding his “surname.” One tale is that he took the name from another passenger aboard the ship upon which he immigrated from Marseilles, France.

The Whitfields

Great-grandparents Paul Alexandria Whitfield & Elizabeth (born Lola Elizabeth Brown)



Moss ‘Ohana

19 Oct Moss Ohana c. 1925

This photo of the young Moss Family was possibly taken before they left for California in 1925.  On the 17th January 1925, the Moss’ set sail aboard the S.S. “City of Los Angeles” from Honolulu arriving in the Port of Los Angeles by the 25th.  The young Herbert is listed on the manifest as 1 year and 11 months.  The family’s U.S. address is stated as Watertown, Oahu, T.H. which is where the Hickam Air Force Base was built up about 10 years later.  The wicker rocking chair Virginia is seated upon remained a family heirloom till it fell into disrepair from decades of loving use.

Herbert K. Moss, Virginia Kahawanu (Ayres) Moss, Robert K. Moss, Henry Edmund Moss. c. 1924-1925

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