Genealogy Roundup

18 Mar

It’s been an exciting few months recently for ShakinTrees.  As a Christmas present to herself, my mother ordered an AncestryDNA kit and we’ve been excited exploring new connections for her over the last month since her results came in. We’ve identified several of her matches that raises our confidence level that Naluahine Kaopua is her Great-grandfather, the biological father of Jennie Violet Keawe Hii Ku O Kalai Kauhane/ Kaopua Waiwaiole.  We’ve also found paternal cousins who are very likely from her grandfather Paul Whitfield side vs. her grandmother Lola Elizabeth Brown. This St. Patrick’s Day weekend I invested in getting the Lucky Pack special and soon will be testing too.

Last month over President’s Day Weekend, it was a great experience learning more family history for our Kauhimaka side.  Starting at our family chapel/cemetery Ma’eMa’e Sunday School, we continued on with visits to Oahu Cemetery, Makiki Cemetery and visited several sights along Wilder before convening on Metcalf near the University of Hawaii to learn more about our Fernandez ancestors and what life was like at Fernandez Court.  Our talk story then continued over to the Windward side for a wonderful meal together where some other ohana joined us who were not able to attend the morning’s tour. I’m looking forward to the next family gathering for a Good Friday early Easter celebration.

I’ve learned that the work of figuring out DNA matches really relies on sharing and building trees.  My mother has a bunch of 2nd cousin matches that perplexed us and we’ve only made some “sense” of a few of them.. figuring out which branch of the match’s family we are related to – but how that surname/family actually ties to our tree is still very elusive. So I’ve spent a great deal of time learning about our probable common ancestors Polly Gooch married to Nathaniel Pendergraft/Pendergrass/Pendergraph.  It’s highly likely we come from the branch of the family that shoots off from their son Richard Pendergraft, but we’re still not sure.  It is frustrating and exciting to have this new mystery to solve.

Part of solving this puzzle is really understanding the tree of Paul Alexander Whitfield.  I started a note with my research and a timeline and names cluster.  Some key surnames in this North Carolina part of the family include: Whitfield, Sawyer, Harris, Meeks, Edmondson, and Asby.  It’s also highly likely that my great-grandfather had a first wife Viola Council prior to Lola E. Brown which resulted in the birth of an elder son, John Calvin Council Whitfield/Nipper.  Viola remarried to NIPPER and her son John Calvin used his stepfather’s name Nipper as a surname on occasion.


2 Responses to “Genealogy Roundup”

  1. Ginger Kaila March 25, 2018 at 7:26 pm #

    Aloha. ‘O Ginger Kaila ko’u inoa, No Maui mai au.
    My tutu nui Ka’aha’aina’akahaku Naihe was married to Keoki Nui Naihe.
    From reading, Keoki Nui Naihe was gr8 gr8 uncle of Naluahine
    Lanai (aka Kahinu), Naihe ame Laa-nui were siblings.
    Keoki Nui Naihe is buried at Lanikila Congregational Church in Kainalu, Kona

    Mahalo nui loa for sharing your ku’auhau! Do you have information on Lanai, Naihe ame Laa-nui parents, or linage under these Kupuna Kanes?

  2. L Kaopua December 9, 2018 at 7:47 am #

    Aloha mai ʻoukou,
    ʻO au ʻo Lovell Kaʻōpua, Jr. Naluahine was my grandfatherʻs uncle. We are from one of Naluahineʻs younger siblings.

    We have many family stories about this revered kupuna, many first hand (my father and his siblings are all still with us).

    Iʻm sorry we canʻt be of any help where your Keawe connection is. According to my grandfather, his uncle had many hānai children, but no blood children. We also have an interview in which Naluahine claims that he had no children (even though he was married)

    My grandfather claimed to be next of kin when Naluahine died. And to my knowledge, no one in my Kaopua line has given any DNA for testing. So Iʻm thinking that it would be difficult to get a DNA “match”.

    I donʻt mean to sound discouraging. On the contrary, I applaud your efforts to find your kupuna, encourage you to continue, and hope youʻll find the kupuna you are looking for.

    We have our moʻokūʻauhau to Lanai and his history. We would also be interested in any information regarding the parents of Lanai, Laanui and Naihe and their decendants. We do have a short story about these three siblings and how they were recruited into service.

    If you would like to email me, please put “Mookuauhau” in the title line so I can see it quickly.

    Good luck on your genealogical journeys.

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