Home is where the heart is

31 Dec

Phillipa Kanani Kauhimaka Fernandez my paternal great-grandmother she was the youngest child born to Joseph and Sarah Kauhimaka.  She was born February 11, 1893 and died in April 1938.  Phillipa married Lino Fernandez II in 1916.

In 1930 — Phillipa and her 11 children were living with her brother-in-law Henry Lino Fernandez and his wife Alice and their two children Helen and Russell affectionately enumerated as “Russie”. Henry was the older brother of Lino Fernandez II who at the time was dealing with “moonshining” charges to help ends meet during the depression.

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2032 Coyne St, Honolulu, HI is a single family home that contains 1,080 sq ft and was built in 1926. It contains 3 bedrooms and 1 bathroom.  Imagine the 16 people — 3 adults and 13 children aged 18 years – young cousin Alice down to 9-month old infant Winifred sharing the then — fairly new home.

Phillipa had had a lifetime of living in different places and other’s homes:

1900 – she and both sisters listed by their Hawaiian names are in the household of Charles and Kanani Aimaka at Liliha near Wyllie. Peculiarly, they are listed all with the surname of Aimaka by the enumerator. Kanani Aimaka was their mother’s sister.

1902  — two of the Kauhimaka sisters are in the city directory as residing at Liliha near Wyllie possibly still with the Aimaka family.  Or perhaps now with Grandmother Momona Kanohokai who is also listed in the directory as residing at Liliha near Wyllie.

1910 – -still a single young woman she had two homes that enumeration year — the “Kawaihao Seminary Mid Pacific Institute Girls Dept.” and also a home in Puunui with her Grandmother Momona Kanohokai along with her older sister Sarah and a boarder named Rebecca Paapu. Next door are the Aimaka ‘Ohana.  The enumerator notes that there are no house numbers yet in this area of Puunui as “new street not numbered”.  Theirs doesn’t even have a street name yet – just “locality known as Puunui.”

1920 — a mere ten years later Phillipa is well on her way into her life as a wife and mother.  Census in 1920 was taken in February that year. Phillipa would have been about six months pregnant with Lino Fernandez III on the way whilst raising five other children 5 years and younger including 10-month-old Uarda.  Note: a month earlier in the nearby neighborhood of Puunui when the census taker knocked on the door of Phillipa’s sister at Sarah & Rufus Titcomb’s Liliha home they surveyed the same five children living there.

Phillipa’s father’s family also lived in the Liliha/Puunui area, and I imagine that they spent some time with their grandmother Anahua and Aunts Ellen Kamae Goo Kim, Lahapa Aki and Rebecca Kanae as well.  One of Phillipa’s first cousins from Lahapa was named Kanaiaupuni also nicknamed “Puni,” and Phillipa chose this name for one of her own sons Edward Kanaiaupuni Fernandez.


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  1. shamann62 February 18, 2019 at 11:50 am #

    My great great was Lahapa Aki…. She and Fui Goo Kim had my great grandmother Mary Aki. I was hoping you might have more information about Lahapa Aki

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