ShakinTrees.com is an exploration into family history and genealogical research. I first caught the geni bug in the early 90s.  The family was going through a potential foreclosure due to owed taxes on the ancestral lands from my WAIWAIOLE great-grandparents on Kaua’i.  It was necessary for the family to show all heirs – living and dead and proofs of death for those who had already passed.  I was very young — but I became enthralled by the family data sheets going back six generations in my Hawaiian mo’okuauhau (family tree).


Since that time — I’ve continued my search.. but still consider myself to be a novice.  In 2011, I made the leap and got a lifetime membership for Geni.com and also the annual international subscription for Ancestry.com and that opened may brick walls as well as revealing new and exciting genealogical challenges in my journey.



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